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SkyfireKilka dni temu dostałem ładnego maila od Skyfire (tylko osoby zarejestrowane). Gdy zobaczyłem tylko nagłówek ucieszyłem się, gdyż myślałem, iż będę mógł posufrować na nowej przeglądarce. Jednak w mailu było tylko kilka informacji na temat aktualnego stanu oraz najbliższej przyszłości przeglądarki Skyfire.

Dla przypomnienia, dla osób, które nie wiedzą o czym mowa zapraszam do tego postu: „Konkurencja dla Mobilnej Opery!”

Treść maila dotyczy kwestii tworzenia aplikacji. Ciągle czekamy na Skyfire na Symbiana. W mailu możemy znaleźć ogłoszenie, iż poszukują ludzi do pracy. Szczegóły na stronie, a list w oryginalnej wersji poniżej.

March 25, 2008Beta Availability Timeframe

Thanks for signing up for the Skyfire beta. Since our beta launch on February 8, we’ve had immense interest and enthusiasm in our product. Here’s a bit about what’s happening.

Beta sign-ups and invitations to download

On March 1, we reached critical mass for our immediate beta needs and created two phases for our beta program – Betas 1 and 2. If you signed up between February 8 and March 1, you are in Beta 1. If you signed up after March 1, you are in Beta 2. We created these two groups so we can manage demand, and the only difference between the two is timing. It’s our way to ensure we can sufficiently support everyone as well as leverage all of your feedback to influence a stellar 1.0 product.

Beta 1

Beta 1 is happening now and each week we extend invitations to download Skyfire on a first signed up, first invited basis. It will take us several more weeks to get to everyone signed up during the Beta 1 period. Rest assured, we will get to everyone in Beta 1 by the end of April.

At the launch of Beta 2, all Beta 1 users will automatically be added to Beta 2 with no action required on their part.

Beta 2

At this point, we do not have a firm date for the launch of Beta 2. However, we know it will be sometime in Summer 2008. We can tell you with certainty that it will be worth the wait as we have many exciting new features in the works. For those of you in Beta 2, you will be notified by email as soon as we launch Beta 2. You will be invited to download Skyfire on a first signed up, first invited basis starting with sign-ups on March 2.

Thank you for your feedback

For those of you with Skyfire installed on your phone, we are anxious for your feedback and suggestions. If you haven’t already, please let us know what you think at Thanks to all of you that have already sent your feedback. We appreciate the insights, feature requests and bugs discovered. In summary:

  • You like the fast page loads, full web content support, video and audio playback, and a good user experience.
  • You want better zooming, multi-line text entry, a way to delete bookmarks, custom start page, etc. – we’re working on it and more.

Symbian update

In addition to adding features and building a robust Windows Mobile Skyfire, we also have development underway for a Symbian version of Skyfire. Stay tuned as we extend our beta to the Nokia N-series and E-series phones in the U.S. this summer. Beta 1 and 2 users who have signed up indicating that they have Nokia phones do not need to do anything. We’ll contact you as soon as it’s ready.

We’re hiring

Skyfire is on a mission to change the way we use the web on our mobile phones. If you’re interested in joining us, please check out our open positions posted on our website.
Thanks again for signing up for the Skyfire beta. We appreciate of the encouraging words and patience, and the entire Skyfire team is working hard to get you the product as soon as possible.

The Skyfire Team

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Aha, mimo iż mamy 1 kwietnia nie jest to dowcip prima aprilisowy.

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